Need help sorting “My Sites” Alphabetically


I have 40+ sites showing up in the “My Sites” page with more planned. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t sort them alphabetically, and that makes it a pain to move from site to site during routine updates and maintenance. I’ve tried adding


to wp-admin/my-sites.php, but that doesn’t help either. And regardless, I’d rather do this using a filter in functions.php rather than modifying a core file. Making the issue even more complex is the fact that the list is split into four columns, and while a horizontal alphabetical ordering would be a huge improvement, vertical (by column) would be much, much better.

I’ve been searching for answers for this for a while and coming up empty, so any help would be appreciated. (My PHP is pretty basic, so spelling out the answer would definitely be appreciated.)

Sam 10 months 2020-05-10T16:10:35-05:00 0 Answers 91 views 0

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