Navigation block menu does not update after menu content changes


I encountered a strange behaviour when working with navigation block menus (WP 5.9).

  1. I have a post/page and there is a navigation block with an assigned menu in the post.
  2. In admin page’s menu editor I change the menu by adding or removing some items from it.
  3. The menu in the post/page remains unchanged.

Why is the menu in the post/page still unchanged? Is it a problem on my side, a bug in this new feature or an expected behaviour by design?

I suppose it must be some kind of a bug (on either side), because if this was by design, there would be some “refresh the menu contents so I can rerender it” option on post edit page (similar to that one that appears when you update custom made blocks). Plus, it would make the block completely useless, because menus, well, they do change from time to time and having to rerender these menus manually on every page/post after each menu update would be a terrible experience.

Anyways, I found that the only way to refresh the menu’s content is to switch menu from “Menu” to “Classic menu” in the block’s settings (what does it mean and what is the difference?), but as soon as I try to manage menus, I end up on page /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=wp_navigation, which tells me that I have insufficient rights to edit this type of content (I have admin rights I can do anything).

additional question: If this is a bug, and in case this bug is not on my side, where should I report it?

tomas-hartman 1 year 2022-02-20T15:37:18-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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