My first WordPress shortcode just returning []


I have been trying to get a new shortcode working and have simplified my code to almost nothing but still keep getting output of just [shortcode_name]. I must be missing something pretty fundamental but cannot work it out.

/** Bridge Card Table Display Short Code
  * Plugin Name: Bridge Card Table Shortcodes
  * Description: Short codes for rendering bridge hands and tables.
  * Version:     0.0.04
  * License:     GBP v2 or later
  * License URI:

function cards_table($attributes){

    // default values
    'title' => 'A',
    'dlr' => 'B',
    'vul' => 'C',
    'north' => 'D',
    'south' => 'E',
    'east' => 'F',
    'west' => 'G'
  ), $attributes);

  $output = "Test output: title=" . $args['title'];

  return $output;


// register shortcode

add_shortcode('Card Table','cards_table');


I have tried stripping out all the argument code too. I have activated it (checked and double checked). Commercial and built-in short codes work perfectly.

Help please!



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