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I’m setting up a site where users with a logon will be able to create their own areas on the site, but in a very controlled way. The user will be given (for example) 3 pages with a very defined structure. Eg “landing page”, “about” page and “contact” page. All 3 pages would be sub-pages of the main site, eg:


The basic structure of the pages would be pre-defined so for all members, the home pages would have a similar structure, as would all the “about” pages and so on. I wondered if readers had come across this sort of need before and how I might implement it?

Although members would login to prove identity, this isn’t charged as it will be a not-for-profit site. This made me wonder if a membership plugin is the wrong approach and there may be some other solution?

I’m not sure where to start with this and hoped readers might have suggestions?
Many thanks,

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