multisite – May I do multiple micro-sites with different themes in a single wordpress without subdirectory nor subdomain separation?


I need to setup a domain with about a thousand pages, which represent about 100 micro-sites of about 10 pages each.

The thing is that I need that there’s no subdomains nor sub-folder separation.

Say that:

  • pages A, B and C interlink together, but not to KLM nor XYZ.
  • pages K, L and M interlink together, but not to ABC nor XYZ.
  • pages X, Y and Z interlink together, but not to ABC nor KLM.

But, intentionally, there’s no signal to the user about the grouping.


Is it possible to run, and with one theme and color settings (for example Kadence, light), then, and with another theme and color settings (say Understrap) and then maybe, and to use the same theme than ABC but with another color scheme (for example Kadence with dark theme)?

In short I want “separate microsites” from the design point of view but “mixed” from the URLs point of view.

Xavi Montero 1 year 2022-07-02T14:21:56-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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