multisite – How to resolve a site with too many plugins when I want all the features


I’ve built a site that I want to have lots of features on – including a shop (WooCommerce), social (BuddyPress), blog with user submissions, events calendar, Q&A forum…yes, I have big dreams.

But as you know, each feature requires a plugin (or 3) so of course I’m hitting all the classic “too many plugins” issues. When I search for advice online it’s pretty much all “choose good plugins” and “remove what you don’t need” – but I have done both of these things.

I’m thinking what I might need to do is split the current website into multiple subdomain sites where each is focused on one (or two) features. But I’m not sure what the best way to go about this would be…

Can I clone my current site and then strip different features from each clone?
Should I use WP Multisite? (I really don’t know much about how all that works)
Would it be best to rebuild from scratch? (As much as I don’t want to…)

If anyone has faced this situation or could provide advice I would be forever grateful!
Thank you!

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