multisite – Can NS Cloner plugin achieve these my requirements


client wants site for self to present services. Also client can add new Members and members can register on site using registration form.

When Member is created/added he will get landing page with own presentation to edit ACF fields. Also this member can create own posts etc…

My idea is to do with Multisite + NS Cloner 

Do you agree?

What is my plan:

  1. Set default theme in wp_config.php . So theme that I’m using on main site to be default activated across all subsites.
  2. I will create example of subsite for new member and create ACF group, design template on front-end and fill with dummy text in Dashboard.
  3. Also each site will have forms etc…
  4. Main question: Is it possible when new member register on site to automatically generate new site, but to clone this site from step 2. above?

I think this is the best way and workflow to setup this project?

If anyone has any idea or something else or to confirm please give any opinion

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