Multiple questions – revolving around api, plugins etc – please help?


Good evening all,

I’m looking for some wordpress help so hoping i’ve come to the correct place.

I’m trying to build a wordpress directory site for brazilian jiu jitsu in the middle east, but struggling with a number of things and alo having certain errors. I’d really appreciate some support with any of the issues / queries I outline below. Even if personally you can only answer one question it would be much appreciated and hopefully throughout the community i’ll be to get all of the issues fixed.

My site is

I am using Listify theme and WP Jobs Manager as the main plugins.

1) The main and biggest issue so far is the google maps api. I’ve also tried Mapbox and it didn’t work. If you search on the main page anything or just press search it takes you to the search results page, however the map area presents the following error – ‘Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.’ Now before i switched to this theme and plugin i used a different directory plugin and google maps api worked on that, i switched it and updated the api key as directed and now it isn’t working. Any help or advice?

2) How can i change the text colour in the footer to a more gold colour?

3) How do i remove the recent listings function on the home page? Also once this is removed how do i just have the featured image showing and no empty white space underneath?

4) On the home page how can i move the search box further down the feature image so when i view on mobile i can actually see the background image?

5) On the home page and the search function – in theres a little button in the search box to locate your current location but i click it and nothing – any idea on how to fix this?

6) How do i remove the entire user / login function, for the short term i don’t want users to have the option to login – not sure if they get a login promt on the top?

7) How do i remove the search function from the top menu (the little magnifying glass)?

8) On the home page is there anyway to add a small amount of text under the search function but still over the featured image?

9) On the about page / news page or any other page without content – how do i remoe that little grey line / box on the page?

10) What is the best web scraping plugin you’d recommend to scrape the web for related news articles and then posting short snap shot and links on to the news page?

11) Any suggestions for a nice looking about page – not sure if theres a plugin to generate a couple of tables and photos of the owners etc?

12) On the actual search results page how do i remove the category drop down etc ( ) ?

13) On the thumb nail of search results once again on how do i remove the little silhouette of a user and how do i also remove who it was created by?

14) on the listing page how do i customize it? e.g. add a feature image for this specific page, put in a small map api showing the location, add the address etc, edit the email on display etc, add a little review section in? Its going to be admins adding listings for the forseeable so I don’t want their profile etc showing up.

15 ) On the submit a listing page ( i wanted to obviously remove the account function for now and just make it forms and be able to add my own forms and then all of the details gets emailed to an admin?

16) on the contact us page i want to add some forms just to send an email however i tried using ninjas forms and tried sending the email as a test and didn’t work any suggestions? (

17) on this page i want to create another listings, where i can add instructors with a small bio page that could also be linked to their respective clubs they train at on the main listings page – how do i do that?

That’s all now, appreciate there’s a lot of issues but if you could answer even just one i’d really appreciate it!

Look forward to hearing from you all,


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