Multi-site: Change the URL of main site to HTTPS


I’ve setup the multisite on a fresh installation of WordPress.

Then I created some other websites, so, in the end, I have something like this

I have then installed an SSL digital certificate, so I changed the URLs of the websites to match the HTTPS scheme:

To change the scheme I gone to Sites > All Sites, then clicked on each site and in tab “Information” (the first one) I simply changed the scheme and saved.

This worked.

The only site left without the https is for this, in fact, I have cannot change the URL.

If I go to Sites > All Sites and click on it, in fact, in the first tab “Information” the URL is not editable and is in the form, without the https scheme.

How can I change it?

I’d like to change it now, before I start to install plugins and write articles.

Any suggestions?

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