Moving users from joomla to wordpress


Situation: I am tasked with creating a new site for a local newspaper. The current site is running on Joomla. The only functionality it has is a paid (paypal) user login to read PDF’s of the new editions of the paper. I have built a new site using WordPress, keeping all functionality of the old site by using paid subscriptions to allow access to read the new papers, but also allowing for single article posts that can be shared over social media, more robust ad system, etc. The new site is not live but is hosted on a staging platform.

The only problem I am running into is how to get the current users of the site onboarded to the new site in an efficient manner. Everything I have read leads me to believe that migrating users over is not possible because of the way the passwords are encrypted.

My current thought is to just have users that need new credentials to email and ask that we create them a new account/password and we email it back to them. Possibly through a form on the sign up page?

I’m probably overthinking everything here but has anyone done anything similar or have any ideas?

edit: I am using Paid Memberships Pro as the subscription service, if that helps any.

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