moving sections around on wordpress themes that contain sidebar toggles


I am trying to edit a wordpress theme’s home page and despite looking hrough some of the php and java acripts as well as searching for the Div classes in all files can not figure out how the theme is compliling the information for the home page sections. I have also used the plug in “What the File” but am unable to see the parts. I thought it might be template parts that make it up however that it not the case.

The theme’s demo page is here

I have two things I would like to do:

I would like to re-order the sections but do not know how.
I would like to add an additional button for example in the “About us” section. When I try using WP editor or Elementor, it prevents me from doing this as the theme classifies anything I do as a

tag. I can not add an additional image etc.

Any help or direction anyone could provide would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!

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