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This is very likely a stupid question, so please forgive me. I’m new to this.

I have two WordPress sites, and

I now want to replace and with — in other words, I want to change the domain name of with (and then there will no longer by any need for, so can be deleted). It sounds simple, but it’s the kind of thing I don’t know how to google.

Is this possible (without much technical knowledge)?

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    You can do this action with these steps:

    1- Get full backup from your files and database.

    2- GO to phpmyadmin -> BBB…. database -> wp_options -> siteurl & home option -> change to AAA…..

    3- Login to AAA…./wp-admin

    4- Install “Better Search Replace” Plugin

    5- Tools -> Better Search Replace -> fill specifed fields -> select all all tables -> click on “run Search/replace” button

    6- Finish

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