Moving Gutenberg content from one website to another (block media ids wrong?)


I have been looking at moving page content created in Gutenberg from one website to another.

I can use the “Copy All Content” option in the Gutenberg top right menu and if I paste this into a page on my new website all the blocks appear and seems fine.

However if I view the code behind the blocks I find that the blocks reference the IDs of the media set on the old website.

The media does not exist on the new website – what repercussions does having an incorrect media ID have here? Is there anyway other than manually downloading and reuploading the images to have these linked correctly?

If I use the WordPress export/import tool I get the same result.

, Steveo 4 years 2020-02-17T08:38:25-05:00 0 Answers 60 views 0

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