Move website from root to sub


What am I trying to do exactly ?

Move my WP website available at to but I don’t want to make it available on

Why would I want to do such a thing ?

I want an “under construction” webpage on “”, but people (that I’ve chosen before) with the link of /subdir could access to it. In that way, visitors can still see a website and my client could as well see where am I in the process of website making.

What have I been trying ?

I’ve read all stackoverflow’s post talking about something like that but nothing helped me so far.
I’ve done everything following tutorials available online ;

  • Found & replaced to using WP Migrate DB plugin
  • Using FTP, made a “subdir” folder & moved everything in it
  • Added two lines containing siteurl & wpurl into wp-config.php
  • Checked the “permalink” setting

    Even without trying to make a maintenance webpage, like the tutorials do, by copying/pasting .htaccess & index.php into /subdir/../, the trick won’t work as well

    Thanks in advance.

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