moderation – Why Moderator will decide what is displayed in community forum?


I have just recently added a comment on a question that was something related to the problem I was facing. And then someone (so-called moderator) flagged the question saying it is like a commentary or question over a question. And it was hidden.
Though he was kind of right in saying that question was a question. But I have a problem here.
Moderators have full control over what will be displayed here in the community. And I am not getting any chance to explain anything. Which I think should not be the case in open community forums like this. Instead of moderators, they seem like a dictator.
So I will explain a reason here why I have added a comment over a comment.

Recently WordPress Gutenberg has released something which is still in kind of beta version and not lot of people have tried it. I tried searching for questions or comment related to the problem but could not find. And finally, I found a question that was something related to my problem. And even in that question, answer was given by the same person who has raised the question. It clearly shows that it’s hard to get an answer, as not a lot of people have tried this thing.
That is the reason instead of asking a new question in the forum I raised a question inside question as he might be having the first-hand answer to the question.

Would like to hear some words from the moderator. Or maybe they can block this question too. And I am not new to these community forums it’s just I have recently switched to WordPress.


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