Mirroring uploads directory in media library


I have a project where we need to mirror a folder structure from the server and have it appear within the media library organized in the same folder stucture. I have looked into several plugins and none of them seem to do exactly what I need. Either that or they aren’t working correctly.

Most of them allow you to create virtual folders to organize your content within. However, when you upload images it will still create the URL with the standard date structure /2023/02/ for example.

What I need is something like this: /my-images/subfolder/image.jpg

I have been testing out many plugins, and these seem to have gotten me close Real Physical Media and WP Media Folder.

Both of them claim to do what I need one way other another, but neither are working. I have support tickets out to both of the plugin authors.

With Real Physical Media it at least allows me the option to upload a folder, and it then creates the same structure in the media library, but the actual file URL does not match the custom structure unless I go into each image individually and click Move Physically which is not an option since there will be thousands of images.

I have all of these images already uploaded to the server in the correct directories (within the uploads folder/sub-folders within). Ideally there would be a plugin that could pull those in and keep them at the custom directory. Does something like this exist?

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