migration – The requested URL was not found only on localhost


I have moved WordPress files & database from localhost to live server successfully. However, now when I try to move it back to localhost the links doesn’t work, although they should.

I am using root-relative links in my hrefs as in: href=”/about-us”

I am using the plugin All in One WP Migration.

Have tried the following:

  • Multiple .wpress backup files from the plugin,
  • Reinstalled XAMPP,
  • Several different database names for local WP installation,
  • Severeal different usernames for local WP installation,
  • Several different theme names for local WP installation,
  • Matched database, username and theme name Exactly as live WP installation,

After WP migration have tried:

  • Selecting all the other permalink structures in addition to “postname”,
  • Saving permalink structure twice after WP Migration,
  • Cleared cache with Google Inspector,
  • And maybe something more.

All the “guides” seem to use this plugin with “ease” and none really faces this issue or talks about it so it’s quite confusing.

Note: If I change from “/about-us” to “about-us” it works but I do not want it this way. Also I want to make this work with this specific plugin.


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