migration – FTP not working on a specific WordPress site but working on others (and Filezilla)


I have FTP (SFTP) working on Filezilla and also on an “old” WordPress site (I mean I set up the FTP for that site months ago), but it’s not working on a new site.

I’m trying to duplicate that old WordPress site on a new domain. I’ve copied all the files and ran the installer OK (I’ve changed the wp-config.php file before to use a different DB).

But I need the FTP to work inside the new WordPress site/domain and I’ve been unable to do it. I’ve tried the same configuration from Filezilla (indicating the port and without the port, using FTP and SFTP) and nothing works.

Any idea of what could be the issue or how to troubleshoot this?

Also, is there a WordPress page or file where I can check the FTP settings of my old WordPress site? (it never asks me for FTP data anymore, it just works).


Extra info: All sites are on the same DigitalOcean server/droplet, I’m using Apache, SFTP for Filezilla and I’ve started using SSH recently, but the “old” WordPress site was configured before using SSH and its FTP settings are still working OK

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