Migrate entire wordpress site with no wp-admin access using RSS aggregator from new site?


Buddy of mine is locked out of his wordpress site, he has author/contributor access but no wp-admin access, and his tools menu is empty, can’t install plugins, no access to the server or the cpanel.

Site has close to 2000 posts, 43 categories, 10 or 12 authors.

Just had the thought, can you crawl a wordpress rss feed to get all posts?

Could I install an aggregator plugin to pull everything from the remote site and import it to the new site?

FeedWordpress and WP RSS Aggregator seem to just grab 10 of the latest items and then fetch on a go forward basis.

According to

How to retrieve the list of all posts ever published via the feed?

you could actually page your way into older posts via the RSS feed:



I’ve actually tested this on the subject site and it does look like I can get all the way through the feeds this way.

Are there any plugins that would do this?

Failing that, would it work to just dump each page to a file, concatenate them, and then import it all via Tools -> Import -> RSS


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