Migrate AnsPress database from one domain + host to another


Our company currently hosts a Q&A through AnsPress on one domain. We need to move it to a different domain and hosting.

We’ve tried a lot of importing and exporting, but haven’t found the right steps needed to migrate the entire database, maintaining linkage between questions and answers. We feel we have exhausted all suggestions from Google by now, so here I am.

Has anyone done this succesfully before, and how?

After further investigation:

It appears that all Questions, and answers, as well as revisions, are stored in the primary Posts table: wp_Posts. Now I was thinking to filter the entries in the table to only the questions, answers and relevant revisions, and to import that into the new website.

I exported the entire table to csv, but excel does a terrible job at parsing that into columns. Are there other alternatives?

Leaving the Q&A at its current hosting, but displaying it on the other domain is also a possiblity, as we will retain the current domain and hosting.

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