menus – php changing site title/site url (‘neve’ theme)


I’m using the ‘neve’ theme (not sure if it is relevant) in making a wordpress site.

I’ve installed my wordpress site in a subdomain like this:

My main domain is like “”

I want my “sitetitle” to link to “MAINDOMAIN.COM”, and NOT the “wordpress installation directory/main wordpress install site” (i.e., NOT

What .php file do I edit, and/or where do I find the variable name to change?

Long time ago I did wordpress editing/coding – but obviously it has really change and I’m finding it extremely frustrating/annoying/confusing just to change a simple title. Already spent 2-3 hours trying to figure this out, and have no clue.

So right now it looks like this:

[MAINWEBSITE (linking to] ………… [About Us][Contact Us][etc]

I want it to look like this:

[MAINWEBSITE (linking to] ………… [About Us][Contact Us][etc]

How do I do that? Which variable(s) do I edit, in which file(s) so I can just make it work that way? (It seems it is not something that can be editing via a user/wordpress dashboard, so actually need to edit the actual php files).

Thanks in advance!

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