membership – Restrict discount usage on all products in paidmembership pro plugin for wordpress


I am trying to build an E-commerce website with memberships using WordPress. If anyone purchases the membership, they get 15% off on products 8 times a month.

I’m using the paidmembership pro plugin to achieve that. But my problem is that this plugin allows me to have a discount on all products when I have the membership but it doesn’t restrict how many times to apply the discount during the membership.

They have a code snippet for that on their website but I don’t wanna pay 250$ just for that snippet.

Is there any solution or any turnaround to make it work this way? any advice or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Phani Raja 1 year 2021-09-05T07:20:35-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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