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I have a wordpress install that I copied the entire directory and to make for a second domain. I was making changes to set the site to be it’s own version of my original cool site and noticed that my media library wasn’t loading correctly.

when I click I media library it the files all load but no actual images are shown. If I click on a specific image and look a the url, I can copy that url. When I load it into a new tab it give me a 404 error.

I’ve checked the files via ftp, they are there, the permissions seem right too (dirctories 775 and files 644).

The strange thing is that when I view that url for the image(s): it is this:

but when I load the url, it seems to be re-directing to

where the “onlinetech” is the name of the directory where the new wordpress is installed.

I’ve tried de-activating all plugins and that didn’t change anything. What else could be causing this?

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