Media library links broken WordPress Multisite after SSL update


We updated (not added) SSL to the site

The media on the network admin media library works fine, but the media library for the sub-sites displays a grey box

for example: Image url looks like this: (when directly accessing this url, server 404 error, not WordPress 404 page)

breaking it down we have                            -> blog main url
/multisitedomain                                   -> virtual domain created by multisite
/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2020/09/image-file.png -> relative path to image

true image path is (if you try and access the image here, it works)

this is the same as above, but missing the virtual domain

Files upload fine (into the non sub-domain folder) but the returned url is set to use the subdomain (if you remove subdomain they are there, but as given they are not)

They all have https paths, but the site is not properly locating the images when using the /subdomain pathing

I have compared the .htaccess to a different multisite that is on a different server, and compared it against the backup version, no changes to it, and they seem the same. It became broken only after the SSL updated

Is there something that needs to be done server side that we missed when updating the SSL? or could a server setting have been reset/changed during the process (I didn’t do the update, so uncertain what steps were taken) that could have broken multisite, but not the “network admin” portion (or other non multisite WordPress sites on the same server)

I did create a temporary JavaScript fix to change the URL of images if not found on the front end, but as the media library is loaded via

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