Loop through all product posts?


I want to loop through all my posts who are called ‘products’.
For that I use this one:

$products_IDs = new WP_Query( array(
        'post_type' => 'product'

while ($products_IDs->have_posts() ) : $products_IDs->the_post();
        $y = $y + 1; 
        $myfile = fopen("wp_all_import.txt", "a");
        fwrite($myfile, "Counter: " . $y . "t");

        //some code...

        $sql = "INSERT INTO `wp_all_import` (pid, price, price_old, link, shop) VALUES ('$pid', '$price', '$price_old', '$link', '$shop')";
        if($database->query($sql) === TRUE){
            $myfile = fopen("wp_all_import.txt", "a");
            fwrite($myfile, "Inserted: " . $pid . " n");

But I always get only 10 loops nevertheless I have more then 10 product pages… More over 100… But the loop always is stopping at 10… look

I don’t know why… But how can I fix that or how can I find out why the loop is always stopping at 10?

Greetings and Thank You!

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