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We are building a landing page site (only 2 pages total) for a client where they are physically mailing out access codes to specific customers. Therefore, I am trying to create a login system where ideally, a user logs in with a pre-determined access code. I have been trying different hacks of a login type of but nothing is working to create a single-step, simple process.

The “verification” system that this site uses is close to what I’m looking for, but this system first verifies a purchase, then invites you to Register for a WP account. http://support.hogash.com/wp-login.php?action=register

I don’t want users to have to register anything – I just want have a single entry field with pre-determined access-codes that then allows access to a secondary page.

This solution of pre-filling a password may have worked but the lack of pre-filling passwords won’t work. We could have had the password field pre-determined and pre-filled (and possibly hidden) then the user enters his/her access code (i.e. username) How to prefill the username/password fields on the login page

I have searched hours over a few days for different solutions but nothing. Any ideas on how to solve this?

UPDATE 12/26/13: One of the most promising plugins that I’ve tried, at least on paper, is “Password Only Login” http://wordpress.org/plugins/password-only-login/

Via settings, you select what users you want to be able to login via special form w/ password only. But the shortcode to get the login form to show up on a page doesn’t work. I’ve already reached out to the author, but ain’t holding my breath.

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