Listing posts with a value in a custom field


I read several posts and stack exchange answers but still cannot put the code together to work.

I read the post Query posts by custom fields

I have posts with custom fields, lets say “publisher” with a value “IBM”.

I have a page listing all the values for the custom field “publisher”.

I want IBM to link to a search result for all the posts with this meta_value.

My index.php page begins with

        <?php while(have_posts()){
        the_post(); ?>

I need to send to index.php the request with meta_key and meta_value, add a filter to the query and list the results, but I don’t know how to “stitch” everything so it will do what I want.


Hanan Cohen 1 year 2022-01-01T04:42:27-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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