links – Access the article edit page from the web address bar?


On the browser, from the address bar, what syntax, prefix, and suffix do I need to add to the above online link, to be able to access this post edit page (I have admin rights).

None, no such prefixes/suffixes/additions exist. It’s not possible out of the box to do this.

To do this you would need to know the ID of the post to generate the edit URL, and your URL does not contain a post ID.

Edit links take this form in standard WordPress:

wp-admin/post.php?post={POST ID GOES HERE}&action=edit



They can also be filtered by plugins, so a theme or plugin may not use that format.

If you want to be able to take any URL and turn it into an edit URL using only that URL, you will need to write additional code that redirects the user to the edit page.

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