Link section within page with slash (/) and not hash (#) without reloading the page


So here is a requirement:

  1. Client wants a page template where there is two level menu on left
    side of the page.
  2. That menu can link to any page, post, category or a section within same page.
  3. The menu which links to a section within same page should be slash linked and not # linked for the purpose of SEO.

And this is how we have implemented it:

  1. Based on one requirement I have developed a custom page template
    with sidebar on left.
  2. Using WordPress menu I registered multiple menus with menu items as
    per the requirement.
  3. I developed a custom widget which provides an option to select a
    menu to be assigned to that page. So far all good….

And here comes the question:

  1. How do I link the section within same page with / and not #?
  2. For example if the page is and there
    is a section within page content say “Get Passes” and also a menu
    corresponding to it on left. Now what client wants is that the menu
    shall not be linked like
    but rather
  3. Needless to say that it should just scroll down to that particular
    section without reloading the page.
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