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We are running a wordpress site with Greek content (political & economical analysis) and we want to set up an English site of our site.

The English site will be running on its own wordpress installation in a subdomain of the main site. If the primary site is then English site will

My problem that I face is that I can not find a proper solution for the language switcher. Ideally I want a language switcher that recognizes the browser language and redirects accordingly and stores the language in cookie and if the user selects the other site to store that selection.

For example if I visit the main site by entering the url (or following some link) and landing on the main homepage and then switch language , effectively going to I would like to store this info so the next time I visit it will redirect me automatically to

I tried using WPML but it assumes that different languages go to the same wp installation using vhosts and at the moment the mapping of posts and menus is not needed.

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