Landing Page Redirect Chain | http->https->https www


I am getting this error for redirect chain on GTMetrix when I check my website.

The chain is as follows:


I am using this plugin for HTTPS

In the plugin I have configured the address to not have anything prior to the domain name. No http, https, or www.

I use CloudFlare flexible SSL

Along with my cloudflare settings, I have a cname record for “www” which points to my domain. An A record for my domain name which points to my dedicated server IP address.

I have a single page rule for* which is set to “Always Use HTTPS”

In the Crypto tab I have enabled “Always Use HTTPS”.

I have a GTMetrix score of 100% when I input “www” before the domain. This “Avoid Landing Page Redirects” error occurs only when putting http:// at the beginning. It drops my points by 10% on PageSpeed, as well 11% of YSlow Score so it is still a pretty big difference having the latency of this redirect chain.

I have both my ‘WP_HOME’ and ‘WP_SITEURL’ set to ‘https://www

This is because when I try setting to anything other than this, it will not allow me access to my website. I try removing the www from both, or even just one of them, no matter which I try I will end up with my site being inaccessible.

My .htaccess is not modified it is the one you will find here.

I have tried disabling plugins, seeing if anything is direct cause, but came to no fix. Every source I find related to this genuinely seems like it could solve my issue.. but I try many things only to have no luck.

I am certain this is a simple error, mistake on my behalf which I am overlooking.

Due to my non-disclosure agreement of this project, I am unable to share any GTMetrix scans or the URL for further inspection. I apologize for this, I hope this does not cause issues with trying to solve the redirect chain.

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you are able to help me in any way it would be much appreciated. If any further information is required please do let me know!

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