javascript – wp-env mysqlcheck error:1130


Step 1: Find the name of your wp-env container

First, you need to locate the name of the container created by wp-env. To do this, in the directory of your project containing .wp-env.json, you must run the following command:

docker ps

This should give you a list of containers. In the Names column, you’ll see the following information:


In this example, “7b3099bc856ae9db898a196c0465cadb” is the name of the container created by wp-env.

Step 2: Access the directory containing your docker-compose file

Once you have the name of your wp-env container, you can use it to access the directory containing the docker-compose file created by wp-env. To do so, run the following command in your terminal:

cd ~/.wp-env/7b3099bc856ae9db898a196c0465cadb
docker-compose down -v
docker-compose up -d

This should create a fresh environment.

Step 3: Restart wp-env

Finally, go back to your project folder and run:

wp-env start

You should then receive a message informing you that your WordPress dev environment is ready.

Source: How to Fix MariaDB Error 1130 with wp-env and Docker

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