javascript – Filter Tag to change value on Divi Popup Modal


I’m not really understanding the add_filter() fuction. I need to change 1 value in this string:

<div class="area-outer-wrap popup_outer_wrap et-l entry-content" data-da-area="learn-more" data-da-registered="1" data-da-type="popup" data-da-close-btn="yes" data-da-close-bg="none" data-da-loader="yes" data-da-shadow="yes" data-da-color="light" data-da-overflow="clip" data-da-size="auto" data-da-position="center-center" data-da-position-h="center" data-da-position-v="center" style="z-index: 1000002; left: 69px; top: 28px;"><div id="learn-more" class="et_pb_section et_pb_section_4_tb_body popup et_pb_with_background et_section_regular with-close close-alt is-modal is-open _mPS2id-t mPS2id-target mPS2id-target-first mPS2id-target-last" data-da-area="learn-more" style="">

I need data-da-loader="yes" to change to data-da-loader="no"

How do I go about using the add_filter?

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