javascript – Enable WordPress website to share cookie with non-WordPress subdomain website


If I set the WordPress cookie domain for the domain and all subdomains with:
define( ‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’ ); in wp-config, the cookie is shared with subdomains that are hosted in the WordPress website.

How do I share the cookie with a subdomain that is a javascript website, not a WordPress website?

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clevernickname 1 year 2021-07-28T09:18:30-05:00 0 Answer 0 views 0

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    define( 'COOKIE_DOMAIN', '' ); will share the cookie with all * websites, whether they’re running WordPress or not. Or maybe restricted to https:// sites only, but apart from that any website will see the cookie. It’s your browser that’s sending the cookie and it doesn’t know what the website is running.

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