Is this site worth fixing?


So Ive been using a cheap hosting service that now has a WP site thats either about to be scratched or fixed. It has 600+ issues 78 problems and theres still restructuring to do. Full site audit:!AsYZObWoazxfk0phU880wCvNMJfJ

My objective is attaining best possible SEO and my bigger question of whether I should trash the site or not stands, but this warrants a separate question.

I wonder, since this URL has never been crawled or indexed by google, do any of the existing problems matter at all? Or is there basically a paper trail in the database or WP files that reflect all all past site actions. Will this be reflected with the fixed data pointing to a completely unused domain indexing and crawl or will the unfavorable broken links, etc still show because its of the same IP? Would hosting it elsewhere and getting away from that IP fix my concern?

Certainly though, a fresh install would make all those questions null and void. Im curious because im so undecided as to scratch it or fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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