Is there any way to identify which posts use which gutenberg blocks?


Is there any way to list/report out which posts use a specific Gutenberg block in the post – almost like a ‘search blocks’ feature?

I run a blog with about 1000 posts, and recently, one of the Gutenberg blocks plugins that I use has become incompatible with my theme, so I needed to disable it.

I now have a large number of posts that I need to update and change any of the posts that used blocks supplied by the now-disabled plugin to use the more generic WP-supplied blocks.

Does WP have a straightforward way to identify which posts have these blocks so I can avoid ‘editing’ every single post on my blog just to see if the invalid blocks are present?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I’m new to SE, so if this is in the wrong area or doesnt belong here, just let me know.

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