Is there a way to pack (or thin out, integrate or compress) post revisions for each day?


Increasing post revisions make DB unworthily bigger day by day. So there are many ways to sweep old post revisions like wp-revisions-cli or WP-Sweep.

But it sometimes makes sense to keep just a small number of revisions to track content change. For that purpose, I hope there is a tool to thin many revisions, which are stacked by recurring edit before publishing a post, out into one revision by a day.

For an example, if there were following revisions:

1  Nov 17 12:00
2  Nov 17 12:10
3  Nov 17 12:20
4  Nov 18 13:00
5  Nov 18 13:10

I hope there is a tool to thin them out into only two as follows:

3  Nov 17 12:20
5  Nov 18 13:10

Any tools to do such a job?

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