is there a way to display product gallery images via cdn


I have three issues that require a solution please. Is there a way to show product gallery images externally using a cdn but instead of pointing to that exact image url only point to the folder that has that product images which then results in showing all the images in that folder as the product gallery images.

The main reason why I would like to do this is I have 5000 products and over 20,000 variations. Now our supplier has provided us a csv and imagery seperate but linking these will take quite a while.

Rather what I would like to achieve is to upload csv without imagery to site using wp all import and then once completed, upload a csv containing all the imagery folders and link it via say sku (folder names are named as overall product sku) so the right images appear for the right products

Now fifu WordPress plugin only allows direct cdn urls and folders is not possible so what is the best way to tackle this issue?

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