Is there a way to bulk republish posts and trigger a “true” publish event(?) NOT through Quick/Bulk Edit?


Recently, I converted some custom fields from CMB2 to Advanced Custom Fields. This was done via shuffling stuff around directly in the database. (Yeah yeah. But note this not about the fields, just for context.) In most cases this worked transparently.

Except the new ACF oEmbed field. It works properly overall, in "normal" usage: In the admin, the field pulls in the player so you can see it’s the right thing. And on save/publish, the front-end output is correct. So it’s been fine for posts I’ve newly created since the conversion. The field itself is not broken.

The problem is that because of the way I did this, most stuff on the site has not gone through a literal Publish/Update since then. And apparently something happens during that process that doesn’t get triggered by Quick/Bulk Edit actions; I’ve even tried changing the publish status, saving, and then republishing via Quick/Bulk. And I have 900+ posts that need to have this happen. For those posts, the field is just returning the raw YouTube/etc. URL.

I’ve encountered some other situations where Quick/Bulk editing didn’t trigger processes but I’ve never understood what the differences are between quick/regular editing so I’m not sure what I’m looking for before I just start opening giant piles of tabs and doing this manually. Is this something WP-CLI might do?

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