Is there a media player plugin that plays files from a (podcast) XML file?


I have a podcast on my website for which I generate the XML-RSS feed on my own using a Perl script run by a cron job each day. The script takes the contents of a directory on the server into which I just need to upload the audio files and the script generates the XML based on the file name. This all works fine.

However, in order to have visitors play the files on my WordPress website, I currently upload these audio files again via the WordPress backend and use the built-in media player to play them on the frontend. This means I have to set title and author (which are already in the filename) and sort them manually (because I want the most recently added file to be on top and not at the bottom).

So what I’m looking for now is a media player that takes a given RSS-XML podcast feed, takes the enclosed URLs, author/title and other information and (dis)plays this in a frontend webplayer.
What I would like to avoid is a plugin that imports all the audio files into WordPress because that would be obviously be a waste of space. The audio files are on the same server now, but on a different subdomain (covered by the same wildcard SSL certificate).

Does something like this exist already?

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