Is it possible to enqueue a raw CSS string directly from within a template file?


I was wondering if it’s possible to enqueue raw CSS as a string directly from within a template file?

I’m writing a custom template for a page and need to add some style rules for it. What I want to do is write the styles out as a string var in PHP then use the enqueue_style function to load these styles, rather than me having to add them in to ‘style.css’ or some other external style-sheet.

I assumed that so long as I enqueue my styles before calling the ‘get_header’ function, and if I hook in to the ‘wp_head’ or ‘wp_enqueue_styles’ actions, that this would work but it doesn’t appear to and I’m not sure if ‘wp_enqueue_style’ can take a raw CSS string.

Anyone got any advice please?

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