Is an Office a custom post type


In an upcoming WordPress project I have to display a listing of offices, and these offices would have a bunch of user fillable fields.

I have spent some time thinking about the anatomy of an office and decided it would have the following:

Things that make up an office (in my scenario):

  • Name
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • Street
  • Postcode
  • Is opening soon?
  • Opening date?
  • Latitude
  • Longlitude
  • Summary/ short description
  • Price per day currency
  • key points – access, parking, cafe, other assets
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact email
  • Description of location/ centre
  • Key features and benefits
  • Photo of tour guide for office or centre
  • Directions by tube/ train, bus, driving etc
  • Reviews
  • Photography
  • Given name
  • legal name

I’m fairly new to WordPress but from the list I have given, would an office qualify as a custom post type, or is the leaning more towards a plugin or custom tables?

I feel like things like key features would themselves be a taxonomy type much like the use of tags. For instance an office could have stuff like:

  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Vending machine

I’m just a bit hazy about what counts as what.

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