Interactively display data from database


I have some data written in a Google spreadsheet that I would like to use on a WordPress site. What I am trying to do is to create a form on my site, where user would input their birthday (day, month, year) and based on that, the website would show the user some information that is written inside the spreadsheets.

The data in the spreadsheets essentially tells the user based on their birthday, which position in football they are most suitable for (attack, middle, defence). The idea is that once the user would input their birthday information a pop up window with a background picture of a football field would show up and it would show to the user for which of the three playing positions they are most suitable.

I was thinking that I have to build a database in WordPress based on the one I have on Google spreadsheets and then use PHP or Javascript to create that interactive pop up window that I mentioned earlier. I already have some basic JS code written.

Since I have never implemented something like this before I am looking for some guidance. Does anyone know of some better way to implement such feature or knows of some examples or guides, which I could use to help myself with?

Thank you for you answers in advance.

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