Inserting Page Inside of Tabs Problems


I am trying to insert a page inside of tabs, using this plugin, here; to be more specific, in the Browse by Specs tab.

First Option :

Mainly the problem is that this plugin can’t insert a Product Category page. It could only insert Added Pages (making a new one).

What I am asking at first is how to convert a Product Category page into a Normal Page to be inserted inside the tab.

Second Option :

I am trying to make a new page from scratch, adding some Category Products and the Store Sidebar on the right. The first step, adding some products using the shortcode worked perfectly, I wanted to add the Store Sidebar filtering plugin I tried to use the Widget Context plugin to show it on specific pages and not at all. I found that the plugin work only on Product Category pages. Here what am I asking for is how to add the Store Sidebar on the right like this page to be able to insert it in the Browse by Specs tab.

I tried some shortcodes and plugins and nothing worked.

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