Inject pagination parameters into permalink structure to index the first page only


My goal is to fix the blog pagination duplicate content issue in Google Search Console, in order to avoid indexing pagination pages of my blog as they change constantly. I use the Google Crawl URLs Parameters tool see image below.

My permalink structure needs to stay as is:

My pagination at the moment is:,

Since the only way to tell Google about pagination pages is via parameters, see below image,

Search Console

I came up with the idea of adding an additional pagination parameter to my current blog pagination.

My goal is to set blog pages to have a parameter attached to it:,

in order to tell Google to index all of the above as without the use of canonical meta tags.

I have tried to use "paginate_links" in functions.php but it’s not working:

function add_SEO($link) {   
    return  array(
            'after_page_number' => '.'
add_filter('paginate_links', 'add_SEO', 10, 2); 
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