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I’m running into an odd issue today. And although this is currently specific to Gravity Forms, I have seen this happen with regular posts before too. But never to the degree I’m experiencing today:

I’m admin on 2 sites owned by a client of mine. I am logged out of the website, but he’s getting a message that I’m editing a form – I’m not. I have tried logging back in, and it tells me that HE’S editing the form. Then all of a sudden the lock on the form will disappear. I log out again and tell him to give it a try again (he was logged out at the time as well). He logs in, and is still getting the message that he needs to request access again. The lock will disappear for both of us, and if either of us tries to open the unlocked form, we get a message that we have to request permission from the other. It’s a very weird vicious cycle going on here.

Has anyone else seen this? I’m getting nowhere with a google search since this isn’t an admin site lockout.

Thanks in advance.

Laura Sage 4 months 0 Answers 20 views 0

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