Import Content into New Avada Live (Fusion Builder) Page


We are building a new site where content entry and the site build are going on in parallel. I was hoping the business could use GatherContent while the creatives and developers are building out the page layouts. I think the GatherContent plugin for WordPress is expecting the content to be imported into a Post or Page template field level, because the mapping choices are ignorant of the Avada elements that have been placed on the page with fake content and then saved as an Avada template.

So for a plan B, I am wondering is it possible to import json or csv file format that would allow for a page to be created and the elements to be added onto the page and the content of those elements to be a part of the import.

For example, in the screenshot, if this Avada page was saved as a template called “Landing Page”. Could I do an import or some process that would create a new page based off of the “Landing Page” template and have the Hero, Text block below the hero and the 3 sign posts added like the screenshot?

enter image description here

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