I would like to filter recipes according to the available ingredients in home


I am trying to design a cooking website with the idea that a user can select the available ingredients in their home and the system shows the recipes which only include the ingredients they selected.

As an example, if we have 4 Ingredients (A~D), and the user selected B & C as available ingredients, the system shows the recipes which only include the B, C or both of them, and if they have any other ingredient, the system does not show them. Or show them at the bottom of the list sorted by the least missing ingredients first.

I am using WordPress, and tried a couple of recipe making plugins such as WP-Recipe Maker, WP-Ultimate Recipe, and so on, which they are excellent on defining the recipes and ingredients, however, not good for filtering.

I tried couple of filtering Plugins for TAGs and Categories. However, they are working on the AND/OR basis which at the best are able to filter the recipes which includes all of the selected ingredients or show the recipes which may include one or more of the selected ingredients, but won’t filter the one which may have all, but also does includes something more.

I also tried WooCommerce and relevant filtering plugins such as woof, again, it is the same problem, it will show all the recipes which include the one or more of the selected ingredients (attributes) while does not filter the recipes having more.

Thanks for your kind help and support friends.

Best Regards.

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