I want to redirect user to an amazon product page from my wordpress website when they add product to there cart


Hope you are doing well. I am stuck in a situation where "I want to redirect the user to an Amazon product page from my WordPress website when they add products to their cart."
Tried different plugins but failed.
Here are some plugin name that I have used:

  1. Add To Cart redirect for WooCommerce by SoftSprint
  2. Add To Cart Redirect for WooCommerce by Jeroen Sormani
  3. Custom Add to Cart Button Label and Link by Coder426
  4. Woocommerce Add-to-Cart Custom Redirect by ForwardFlip
    Waiting for experts to answer please.


Mohsin Sohail 4 months 2023-06-07T08:05:05-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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