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I have a client who wants the following function to be implemented on his wordpress website. I need suggestions on how can this be done?

City and state feature

A city and state filter feature must be added to my websites platform similar to this screenshot example this feature’s function is to categorize products from different cities and states necessary so users can find or list products to buy or sell in the area which they live in.

once completed we must link this feature to the SUPERB DEALS Market Place Button screen shot example When user clicks on SUPERB DEALS button it will link them to the city and state feature page created. here they will input the city and state and click the [FIND DEALS] button!

they will then land on their cities SUPERB DEALS Market Place to shop
This City and State feature should also be linked to Websites [REGISTER] button when user clicks on [REGISTER] button link them to city and state feature so we can categorize / link all their buying or selling needs to the city and state in which they live in. then proceed to registration page
also add this feature to the ADD NEW PRODUCT page screenshot example
place feature above [SELECT A CATEGORY] section

a new page / Feature is needed to be added onto the website header
page name LIVE DEALS
Function of feature is to create a live chat / live auction platform
here users can post a photo or video of product that needs to be sold immediately within 24 to 48hrs max!

other users/buyers on platform can communicate with seller live.
the buyer with the best offer gets to pick up the product from seller in person for this we need a private message feature linked to buyers or sellers profile, this is so they can exchange contact info, address to pick up location etc.

all items sold on this platform are used furniture appliances ETC.

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